4.5 Select and apply appropriate mouth closure method. 4.6 Use mouth former or cotton to replace missing teeth as required. 4.7 Pad buccal cavities with cotton or other appropriate material to fill out natural contours. 4.8 Model mouth and lips into a pleasing, natural position. 5. Shave facial hair as required. Lee Pheng Guan | Embalming A Tree. 2021. . Online Artwo. It starts with the embalming fluid, which comes in a variety of tints and solutions to impart a healthy-looking flush to the skin and mask a long list of unattractive conditions. ... Facial features are set by putting cotton in the nose, eye caps below the eyelids, a mouth former in the mouth (cotton or gauze in the throat to absorb purging. 7 'The Rope Trick' and 'The Handcuff Trick'. John Wayne Gacy Reveals the Infamous Rope Trick. Gacy's murder victims were teenage boys and young men. The total victim count is believed to be 33 innocent lives. He lured his victims back to his home with a promise of alcohol or money in exchange for sex.

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